Entertainment · July 19, 2022

Pampering of the taste buds

Take your taste buds to a new level with CMCR’s all-day brunch menu, perfectly paired with the hallmark of the trusted premium specialty coffee brand

IN In Klang Valley alone, there are dozens of visually stunning cafes serving delicious food, showing that Malaysians are avid cafe-goers. Undoubtedly a utopia for café hunters and coffee enthusiasts. Well, here’s another one you should try!

Common Man Coffee Roasters KL (CMCR) is a Singapore origin coffee shop serving specialty coffee, barista academy and coffee shop concepts and a variety of hearty brunch options.

The coffee shop was located near TTDI and is under a large fitness center in the same building. Despite the modest entrance, the interior was a bit spacious and the aesthetic vibe will likely make you fall in love with the surroundings.

Since opening its flagship coffee shop on Singapore’s Martin Road in 2013, the company has proudly championed specialty coffee and brought customers a new level of coffee enjoyment.

To date, it has established itself as a key element in Singapore’s expanding coffee scene, operating a roastery and wholesale business offering locally roasted sustainable specialty coffees.

Then, in 2016, it launched in Malaysia, with menus offering everything from fancy little nibbles to big, filling meals for vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else.

“CMCR is all about good coffee and good food. That’s why we’re always looking for new creations to appeal to the taste buds of Malaysians and ensure the best ingredients to create flavors that leave consumers wanting more,” said the CMCR spokesperson.

They have recently launched their brand new menu offering a fresh selection of artfully prepared comfort food, elevated and redefined. The latest menu reveals three new additions: the Common Man Caesar, the Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast, and the Smashed Burger.

Normal man Caesar

The Common Man Caesar is a unique twist on the traditional Caesar salad. The flavor of crunchy romaine lettuce is enhanced with roasted Brussels sprouts. Next, aged Parmesan cheese is added to the Caesar dressing for a rich, creamy flavor.

The silky stracciatella cheese, grilled chicken breast and sourdough crumbs add texture and flavor to this dish, which is ideal for a light snack with a touch of spiciness from the chili flakes.

Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast

The next meal is Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast. With teriyaki-inspired homemade focaccia, avocado, and sautéed wild mushrooms, this dish is sure to please any palate. Spicy red onions, tender young pea sprouts and herbal oil from kitchen herbs liven up this hearty breakfast favorite and make it a weeknight favourite, too.

Smashed Burger

For a larger portion, get the juicy Smashed Burger. The burger consists of freshly ground beef patties mashed with bone marrow and grilled a la minute on the plancha until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

This is then sandwiched between toasted butter brioche buns along with a beetroot bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, onion jam and a side of herb-seasoned fries.

The menu also includes the ever-popular Common Man Fluffy Pancakes, Turkish Common Man Breakfast, Chili Chicken, Beef Cheek Eggs Benedict and Common Man Full Breakfast, all paired perfectly with CMCR’s specialty craft coffee, crafted with roast beans by passionate baristas at the renowned roastery CMCR in Singapore.

Not your average cup of joe

At the CMCR, guests will explore a wide range of specialty and single origin coffees served as espresso and filter on the beverage menu. From the choice of beans, to the brewing methods (slow brews to nitro cold brews) and even the type of equipment used, it is indeed a coffee lover’s paradise.

Not only do they come in an exquisite ceramic pot and mug (for the hot ones), but you’ll also receive informative cards detailing the history and quality of the beans you order. Also don’t forget to note that they also serve teas, juices and smoothies.

In addition, CMCR also operates the CMCR Academy KL, which offers in-depth training programs to teach everyone how best to work with specialty coffee and serves as a channel for sharing knowledge and passion for the product.

So visit the CMCR in Taman Tun Dr. Ismails Plaza Vads to experience this brand new gastronomic delight, open daily from 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 8am to 6pm on weekends.

Visit the website for more information. You can also book your courses on the website. Alternatively, you can also follow the CMCR pages on Facebook (@commonmanKL) and Instagram (@commonmancoffee_kl). Alternatively contact us on 03-77317095 / info@cmcroasters.com.