Technology · June 23, 2022

Audi provides more security with a new guarantee program

This famous German brand has shown how potential and current owners can extend their car’s warranty up to 10 years.

The German luxury brand announced its new “Audi Advantage” program, which allows owners to purchase packages that extend their warranty and cover service and roadside assistance.

The packages cover the selected vehicle for two years and owners can purchase back-to-back packages up to a maximum of 10 years.

New Audis already come with a five-year warranty, so are limited to two packs, bringing them up to nine years.

As a boon to owners of used Audis, they are eligible to purchase the packages as long as their vehicle is less than eight years old and has less than 120,000km on the odometer.

Audi adds a restriction that every older vehicle must pass a 115-point inspection and have a full history of maintenance performed to manufacturer specification.

Peace of mind doesn’t come cheap.

Prices for the two-year extended warranty and maintenance packages start at $2,700 for the tiny A1 hatchback and go up to $5,600 for the flagship R8 supercar.

The packages are not available for the electric car series e-tron.

When you buy a used Audi direct from the brand, you now automatically get a two-year warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance. Buyers of these vehicles can purchase up to four back-to-back packages that extend their warranty up to 10 years, as well as covering maintenance and roadside assistance.

The packages are transferred to the new owner when the vehicle is sold.

Audi Australia chief Paul Sansom says this program offers the ultimate peace of mind in the luxury car market.

“In designing this program, we wanted to ensure that Audi owners are the envy of the Australian premium market,” says Sansom.

“Not only did we want to offer a program that would give our owners complete confidence in their vehicle over time, but also safeguard the value of their investment should they decide to upgrade to a newer model in the future. ”

Warranty and maintenance costs have become the new battlefield for car brands.

In recent years almost all luxury manufacturers, with the exception of BMW and Porsche, have switched from the previous benchmark of three years / 100,000 km to a five-year / unlimited km warranty.

Mainstream brands cover their vehicles for five years/unlimited miles, and more are likely to follow standout brands like Kia and MG, which offer seven-year warranties.

Mitsubishi has a 10 year conditional warranty. To access it, owners must have their vehicle serviced at a Mitsubishi dealership each time.

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