World · June 16, 2022

The Pittsburgh boxer gets the call to train for the 2024 Olympics

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – From a small gym on Third Avenue, it was a seemingly normal training day for boxer Sunny Taylor.

That was until the phone rang with a surprise phone call from the U.S. Air Force’s world-class athletes program telling the hopeful candidate that they did.

“Can’t wait to get great things out of you, mate,” the phone call said.

“These are the goals we have set ourselves to achieve and have achieved them,” said Delbert “Sunny” Taylor. “We have many other goals to achieve along the way.”

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KDKA Exclusive: Local boxer called to train for the Olympics


One of those next goals?

Going for the gold.

His acceptance means he will now have the opportunity to train for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

It also means that his coach, who has dealt with this for 38 years, can retire, calling this moment the pinnacle of his career.

“Sunny is probably the most skilled amateur boxer in Pittsburgh for the past maybe 40 or 50 years,” said James Hoy.

His coach went on to describe Sunny as one in a million, which makes sense considering he now joins an elite group of only 155 young athletes to reach this milestone.

It might be a tough road to Paris, but it’s nothing Sunny can’t handle.

“We will continue to work as long as we have worked,” said the newly minted Olympian.