Economy · July 23, 2022

SMC unit joins QC government trash-to-cash program

San Miguel Corp. (SMC) Packaging Unit San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp. (SMYPC) on Wednesday said it will support Quezon City’s separate collection program to help divert waste from landfills.

The company said it will partner with other waste solutions and technology groups to expand the program in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. Ramon S. Ang, president and CEO of San Miguel, said the company joined the program to lend its expertise on the circular economy, specifically glass recycling, which had been the missing component of the ongoing initiative. .

The trash-to-cash back program, implemented by the Quezon City government in partnership with waste management solutions company Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies Inc. and technology partner BXTRA Philippines, uses the My Basurero app of companies that accepts requests for waste collection, including recyclable.

Encourage citizens to be more aware of waste separation. Through the program, they are able to exchange their recyclables and single-use plastics with environmental points that they can use to pay bills such as electricity, water and internet services via the Bayad app; Retrieve food items through the Trash at the Cashback Mart and order food deliveries from partner merchants.

“We are honored to be welcomed by the local QC government as a partner in this important and truly innovative project that teaches and incentives citizens to minimize their impact on the environment and to separate household waste,” said Ang.

“I am more than confident that SMYPC’s world-class experience and long experience in circular economy or zero waste practices will significantly contribute to realizing our common goal of tackling solid waste pollution and promoting sustainability in our community”.

Although the program had made progress in recovering recyclable materials and single-use plastics, it had not been able to include glass waste in its collection as there was previously no partner able to process the materials correctly and sustainably.

With the company now on board, SMYPC has committed to purchasing all the glass and scrap to be collected, which it will then recycle and transform into new glass products. The San Miguel glass business uses a significant percentage of recycled glass in its production line.

“Glass does not decompose if left in landfills, but it is highly recyclable and can effectively be reused indefinitely without negative effects on quality or safety. The production of glass products using recycled material also consumes much less energy. It is a system that benefits everyone and the only challenge is to make sure we are able to collect as many used glass materials as possible, ”said Ang.

Glass made from recycled material also reduces related air pollution by 20 percent and related water pollution by up to 50 percent, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

“This is also in line with our broader sustainability goals which focus on water sustainability and solid waste management, among other things. By helping to encourage waste segregation and proper disposal, we will also minimize waste that ends up in our critical water sources and other water bodies, ”Ang said.

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