Technology · June 24, 2022

This NASA astronaut dialed from space

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Shane Kimbrough is a NASA astronaut

He took part in the 2016 election


From infinity and beyond, he found a way to tune.

Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut who currently lives aboard the International Space Station, cast his ballot in Tuesday’s presidential election, according to a NASA Tumblr post.

NASA told Yahoo News that Kimbrough submitted his ballot for the 2016 election from the space station sometime in the past few days.

For astronauts who will be in space on Election Day, the voting process begins a year before launch. At this point, they can choose the elections they wish to participate in.

Six months before the election, the astronauts then receive the “Voter Registration and Postal Vote Application – Federal Postcard Application” form.

Image Kjell Lindgren shared the US flag floating in the cupola module on social media.

NASA astronaut David Wolf became the first American to vote in space on Russia’s Mir space station in a 1997 local election, according to NPR.