Economy · August 3, 2022

Globe Eyes connects with multiple real estate developers

Globe Telecom Inc. plans to expand its roster of real estate development partners for the implementation of integrated broadband and telecommunications infrastructure in housing developments, a move its president said “will ensure reliable and robust connectivity for homeowners. residents “.

“I think the most important requirement Globe looks for in partners is that they also take care of the end user. Globe is a very customer-centric company. We are looking for the same in our partners, ”said Ernest L. Cu, president of the company.

Globe currently has 18 real estate partners, with 200 developments covering nearly 100,000 units with integrated broadband through these partnerships. This makes internet connectivity immediately available to residents upon relocation.

“What we imagine is that when a customer walks into a property, they are ready to connect just as electricity and water are readily available. And it’s great that we’ve come this far in terms of existing partner developers, because like Globe, they’re customer centric too. We are no longer just talking to a blank wall, “Cu said.

He said Globe is “committed” to working with developers to incorporate connectivity into their designs, a move that, he said, provides developers with a “differentiator” over competitors.

“We are here to work with you. We know this is an area that is probably not within the scope or remit of your engineering teams, just as we don’t know about construction. We are here to provide that service. We are here for you. ”