World · August 3, 2022

The camera captures the mistake of the deputies, eviction in the wrong house

A woman from Land O ‘Lakes says her doorbell camera caught Pasco County deputies attempting to deliver an eviction notice to the wrong address.

“Every time someone rings the doorbell, you actually get a notification,” said Jennifer Michele, who was not home at the time.

The doorbell camera recorded the following exchange between Michele and the agents:

“Hi? What’s going on?” Asked Michele.

“We are here to finalize the eviction,” said a deputy.

“What eviction? Said Michele.

He says a locksmith had already drilled a hole in his lock.

“As soon as I said my name they realized they were in the wrong house,” added Michele.

The eviction was meant for his neighbor.

“We apologize,” said a Pasco County deputy. “We made the wrong house. We will have to repair the lock ”

When she got home, Michele said she had more questions.

“The first thing I asked them is who should read the house numbers. The officer said they all are. ”

She was amazed at the simple mistake that could have cost her family dearly.

“This is what pissed me off at that moment; if I hadn’t caught it on my ring, I would have gone home and my key wouldn’t have entered and I wouldn’t know why? “said Michele.

He posted the video on Tik Tock and has now gone viral with over five million views.

Michele said he doesn’t hold a grudge.

“I don’t hate anyone. I understand that mistakes happen and this was a pretty big mistake to make. “

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to Spectrum News: “While this certainly appears to be a mistake, we are investigating how this error occurred. Once the mistake was realized, the deputies immediately worked. to correct it. “