World · August 3, 2022

Pelosi’s Taiwan visits “the world’s greatest potential tipping point”

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the Taiwan Strait is “the largest potential superpower flashpoint in the world.”

Mr. Kenny said that when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier in the week, she “defied Beijing’s warnings and reprimands” – but was forced to “take the long way” to nation due to military mobilization.

“Let’s go back to the first principles, and make the obvious point that any US politician, in fact any person in the free world, should be allowed to visit Taiwan at any time,” he said.

“Beijing has no right to think that it can choose, and dictate, who can visit Taiwan.”

Mr. Kenny said that Ms. Pelosi’s visit, although imperfectly handled, showed that the United States “would not be bullied and the people of Taiwan would not be abandoned.”

“They remained free and prosperous because they did not overdo the declarations of independence and because liberal democracies recognized a nuanced position on One China and Taiwan,” he said.