Health · August 4, 2022

Health Secretary Mark Butler announces the next step in Australia’s response to monkeypox

The first shipment of nearly half a million doses of a new monkeypox vaccine is on its way to Australia.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Health Secretary Mark Butler confirmed the government had received 450,000 doses of the vaccine from Bavarian Nordic.

The first shipment of about 22,000 cans will arrive in the country later this week.

Mr Butler previously indicated he was in the process of finalizing advice following a briefing to the national cabinet by Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly on Thursday.

Currently, 55 cases of monkeypox have been identified in Australia.

“Case numbers are certainly rising in countries that have not traditionally experienced monkeypox — countries outside of Africa,” Mr Butler said.

“We’re certainly lagging far behind the level of case reporting that you see in the US, Canada, Europe and the UK. But we’ve been working very hard on that answer over the last few weeks.”

There’s more to come.

Originally released as the Health Secretary announced the next step in Australia’s fight against monkeypox