Economy · August 5, 2022

Causes for COVID Vaccine Begin | Armstrong Economy

The NorthShore University Health System of Chicago is being sued by a nonprofit religious organization called the Liberty Counsel. The group claims NorthShore violated workers’ religious autonomy by rejecting religious exemptions and forcing all workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. NorthShore was wrong and decided to settle for $ 10,337,500.

Over 500 current and past employees will receive compensation and the group will notify others of lawsuits and give them the opportunity to file a claim. “NorthShore will also change its illegal ‘no religious accommodation’ policy to make it consistent with the law and to provide religious accommodation in every location through its many facilities,” The Freedom Council declared.

Other groups will follow suit. They may have granted immunity to pharmaceutical companies, but there was a gray area for employers. Countless people have lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandate, which was likely a violation of the Constitution.

Lawsuits can start with large corporations, but if Republicans regain control, health agencies and government officials could also be investigated. This lawsuit is a major victory for medical autonomy as companies will be less likely to comply with government mandates as they now know they could risk legal retaliation.

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