Economy · August 5, 2022

The dairy processing plant will soon serve the Nueva Ecija ARBs

The Department of Land Reform (DAR) has revealed the ongoing construction of a village-level milk processing center in Barangay Porais, San Jose, Nueva Ecija to serve the members of the Simula ng Panibagong Bukas Multipurpose Cooperative (SIPBU) with based in the area.

The SIPBU MPC is part of the San Jose City Agricultural Reform (ARC) community.

Provincial Land Reform II Program Officer Eden B. Ponio said construction of the 2-story building began on May 25 and is expected to be completed by the end of September.

The project will benefit a total of 78 members of the SIPBU MPC, made up of 57 beneficiaries of the land reform (ARB).

He said the construction of the 147-square-meter, 2-story building within the 420-square-meter SIPBU MPC lot will house a 63.5-square-meter dairy milk processing plant.

“The SIPBU MPC is among the beneficiaries of the agricultural reform assisted by the DAR [ARBOs] which made use of the business development service with a support structure in the context of business development focused on the farm at the village level [VLFED] of the DAR, ”said Ponio.

He added that the VLFED project amounts to P464,000.00 comprising materials and training for the first year and P370,000.00 for the second year, with the San Jose Local Government Unit (LGU) providing the materials to construction counterparts equal to P700,000.00 and the ARBO providing them with material and labor counterparts for an amount of P1,800,000.00.

“The VLFED project aims to improve farmers’ products by providing adequate facilities and equipment,” he said.

Ponio added that the VLFED project aims to establish a sustainable income generation (PGI) project in the area and provide additional income to ARBs, develop rural entrepreneurs, improve production, processing, packaging, distribution and marketing. of products, and, at the same time, increase the income of the ARBO.

SIPBU MPC President Freddie Carlos expressed his enthusiasm for the completion of the processing center. He said that at that point the cooperative members will be able to begin working together to produce pasteurized milk and chocolate milk products with the common goal of helping and making their effort beneficial not only to the officials and members of the cooperative but also for the entire community of San Josè.