World · August 6, 2022

Mother bear and two cubs rescued from the gutter

BURLINGTON, Connecticut. (WFSB) -A mother bear and her two cubs tried to beat the heat in Simsbury by going down a drain.

The bear family could not find a way out and the neighbors heard the bears cry.

“When we put a flashlight down there, there was a tagged bear looking at us, which is the last thing you expect to see,” said Scott Conrad, Simsbury.

Residents called DEEP who sent a crew to the scene.

Jason Hawley is a wildlife biologist. He attracted the mother bear’s attention by using a specific animal call for a puppy of about 5 or 6 months.

“When their mother strays too far from them, or if they are in trouble, they make a noise like this, ‘rrrrrr rrrr’, and it is very distinct from bears and that even though she has had her cubs with her, her instincts were strong enough to have yet to come and investigate this, ”Hawley said.

Once they had her attention, they tried to get her to go up.

“We initially tried to put a ladder over there,” Hawley said.

Mom didn’t like the ladder, so they tried a wooden board.

“They tried to climb those, but it was a little unnatural,” Hawley said.

Eventually, they used a log and it was fair.

“Bears always climb trees, so let’s put a log in that gutter,” Hawley said. “It took a while, it was about 3 hours that we were sitting out there waiting and finally, once everyone pulled back and felt comfortable with her puppies, she was the first to raised her head, looked around, made sure the coast was clear, went out first and then helped her two puppies out of the gutter. “