World · August 6, 2022

Rescue teams help the horse out of the pool

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tennessee (WSMV) – The Williamson County Rescue Squad worked to help a horse out of a pool on Thursday afternoon.

Tennessee Equine Hospital and Williamson County Animal Control responded to requests for assistance after the horse Tonto refused to leave his owner’s pool.

WCS officials said Tonto wanted to stay in the pool, making it difficult for rescuers to carry him up the stairs. His owner, rescuers and a TEH doctor kindly persuaded him to climb the steps.

The crews used rubber airbags and wooden cradles to help Tonta gain traction to climb the pool steps. When he reached the top, the teams placed a line of large diameter hoses around Tonto’s back to help him climb.

Tonto was successfully rescued from the pool and only sustained minor injuries.

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