Entertainment · August 6, 2022

Cosmetic Metaverse Realms: Nar’s Color Quest

Nars Cosmetics has teamed up with Metaverse brand Supersocial to launch Nars Color Quest on Roblox, a popular online gaming platform.

The new experience will feature an all-digital space where users can explore a series of tropical-themed islands, each inspired by specific Nars lines, including Laguna, Blush, and Light Reflecting. In addition, Roblox users can customize their avatars with Nars digital products, as well as connect and communicate with non-player characters (NPCs) located throughout the virtual space.

“Art is central to the creative expression of the brand, and Nars Color Quest helps introduce the endless possibilities of makeup to the Roblox community,” said Jane Richardson, Nars Global Artistic Director. “Makeup is a powerful tool to convey mood, character, culture and ideas in our lives – virtually or otherwise.”

Photo credit: Nars Cosmetics