Sports · August 7, 2022

Chip Kelly has its roots in the NIL success of UCLA players from afar

It appears that college football coaches have found a workaround for the rules that prevent them from soliciting name, image, and likeness agreements for their players.

It just creates a sense of panic.

Two months ago, Ohio State coach Ryan day he told local business leaders that his team would need $ 13 million in NIL money to keep his roster intact. A month later, coach Rutgers Greg Schiano he reportedly informed a group of boosters that his team needed an infusion of cash to prevent players from being hunted by more experienced NIL teams.

Either way, the message was clear to any fan, supporter or business who listened: show us the money.

UCLA coach Chip Kelly On Saturday he said he could only support his team’s NIL efforts from afar.

“I think people have twisted the whole rule a little bit,” Kelly said. “Name, image and likeness are student-athletes can make money with their name, image and likeness, but coaches cannot be involved in mediation of student-athlete agreements. This isn’t paying to play, it’s not recruiting incentives. “

However, isn’t building a solid NIL program important for recruiting and retaining players?

“Well, you shouldn’t be doing this to keep them because schools can’t recruit people from your roster,” Kelly said. “So it would be a violation of the NCAA if that were to happen. So I think if the NCAA enforcement arm reaches the NCAA rules, I think we will be in a great situation. “

Several Bruin have forged considerable NIL success. quarterback Dorian Thompson Robinson he earned enough from his business to organize a barbecue dinner and a two-hour boat ride for the entire offense, complete with Uber vouchers to and from Marina del Rey. receivers It came brown he said he had about 10 deals, including one with Mercedes-Benz.

Some offers are for free products only, such as clothing brands that have secure receivers Jake Bobo as a testimonial. But Bobo said teammates who enjoyed more significant NIL success didn’t dominate everyone else.

“There are some playful shots here and there, some jokes that are thrown around like, ‘Use some of that NIL money, some for us’ or something,” Bobo said. “But I don’t want to say anything real, it doesn’t create a division or anything down there in the locker room. It’s good that I had a question about when this whole thing started, but it’s nice to see it’s nothing serious. “

Kelly said more than 140 companies have signed up for the Westwood Exchange program which connects businesses, donors, fans and alumni with UCLA athletes seeking NIL deals. Not all Bruin want to commit to adding an already hectic schedule.

“The thing is, it’s really the kids who want to do it,” Kelly said. “Not everyone wants to get involved, not everyone wants to buy time, because you have to show the work. This is not a quid pro quo; you have to work. So, if you want to make money in name, image and likeness, you have to be willing to do the work you need to do in name, image and likeness.

“People just can’t pay you X amount of dollars for doing nothing. Maybe in some other place it happens, but in this place it doesn’t happen “.

Welcome back

Kelly said junior red jersey Laiatu Latuthe transfer from Washington who is coming out of medical retreat with a neck injury, would initially be included as a outside linebacker but could play in other spots as well due to his exceptional size at 6ft 4 and 265lbs.

“It has a lot of versatility,” said Kelly. “You have a lot of athleticism.”

Latu hasn’t played since his freshman season in 2019, when he made 16 tackles in 12 games for the Huskies.


Kelly said kicker Nicholas Barr-Mira he would also have had the opportunity to win the punting job that became available at the time of the transfer Luca Akers to the northwest. Standing in his way will be the freshman Go after Barry, which hit a small boat and sent another one in full expansion during the part of the tests open to journalists. … linebacker Ale Kaho he watched training on a scooter, his left leg encased in a walking boot. … Kelly said linebacker Damiano Sellersoffensive linesman Patrizio Selna and narrow end Mike Martinez, who were absent from the practice, were “unavailable”. Sellers and Selna are no longer listed on the team’s official roster. Large receiver Delon injuredwho faces two felony charges as part of a sexual assault case, graduated and is no longer part of the program, Kelly said.