Economy · June 19, 2022

I would never invest in Disney After Light Year

REQUESTS: Happy Father’s Day. My question is simple. As a father, would you take your kids to see Disney’s Lightyear?


ANSWER: Personally, absolutely not. It is not appropriate for Disney to abandon most people to try to indoctrinate children at such a young age. by Disney Light year it was a major disaster. In addition to being banned in many countries, their $ 70 to $ 85 million screening for the film’s opening has arrived $ 51 million- $ 55 million also behind Jurassic world domination what $ 57.1 million.

Disney has destroyed its image and its tendency to promote political agendas among young children is disgusting. I grew up with a boy from the neighborhood who turned out to be gay. When we were under 10 we had no idea of ​​such things and neither did he. He became gay after puberty.

I wouldn’t even take my kids to Disney World right now. I don’t care what they are doing, but everything that is INTENDED politically influencing or altering their thinking at such a young age is no different from tyranny. Personally, I wouldn’t even invest in Disney until CEO Bob Chapek remains in power. It is NOT his decision to try to indoctrinate children and at that young age, it is criminal in my mind.

We must be neutral and respectful. It shouldn’t be about indoctrinating children for a political agenda.

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