Technology · July 12, 2022

Telstra customer complaints sparked a corporate overhaul in Australia

Telstra has made massive changes to its services after hearing customers “loud and clear”.

Telecoms giant Telstra has announced that all of its call centers have returned to Australian soil following sustained customer demand.

Announcing the change on Tuesday, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the overhaul had been in the works for some time.

“What we heard loud and clear was that you wanted a change in the way we answer our calls so we did it,” he wrote to clients.

“If you call now, you’ll be speaking to local people from across Australia – people who reflect our community and customer base, including many who have accents that represent our diversity.”

Telstra hired 2,000 new employees to ease the transition to domestic call centers.

Mr. Penn said that thanks to the opportunities offered by hybrid working, call centers will be located in regional areas and cities across the country.

“Our team are your neighbors,” he wrote.

The need for local services became apparent during the onslaught of natural disasters along the east coast this year.

Mr Penn said empathy and understanding are key for customers, like those affected by the Brisbane floods earlier this year, who could speak to a call center team “that understood first-hand the challenges they were facing.” faced”.

The outgoing CEO, who will leave the position in September, said “locals helping locals” is Telstra’s main motivation.

While quick inquiries like bill payments and managing services are routed to the MyTelstra app, all Australian customers and small businesses will speak to locals when calling for complex issues.

“You told us you wanted to speak to someone who understood you,” Penn wrote.

The availability of hybrid labor arrangements allows workers like Liz Patu to provide services while fulfilling other obligations. In Ms Patu’s case, she played for the Wallaroos as Australia’s most capped rugby player.

The Telstra CEO said the company took its last call from an Australian customer on June 27 at an overseas call center, all of which are now domestically operated for individuals and small businesses.

The company will continue to operate overseas call centers for large and international companies.

Originally released as customer complaints triggered a Telstra overhaul