Technology · June 22, 2022

The Icasa chairman resigns

dr Keabetswe Modimoeng has resigned as chairman of South Africa’s telecoms and broadcasting regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa).

In a statement, Icasa said Modimoeng tendered his resignation today, citing the need to take time off after an “unnerving period”.

He will be on notice to ensure a smooth handover and will be evaluating his options after a much-needed break.

Modimoeng joined Icasa in April 2016 and has served as Council Member, Acting Chair and Duly Appointed Chair for over six years.

He has served on various committees, including as a member of the Complaints and Compliance Committee.

“The resignation will be processed by the responsible appointing authorities,” explained Icasa.

“The Chair is committed to ensuring that the transition period runs smoothly and that proper continuity is assured during the handover period.”

Icasa’s council and management thanked Modimoeng for his steady and determined leadership, guidance and attention to corporate governance over the years.

It states that his efforts succeeded in moments when some tasks seemed practically impossible.

“The undisputed culmination of his critical leadership role in this sector was guiding the agency toward the successful completion of the complex and historic spectrum auction licensing process,” said Icasa.

“While the process of appointing four more members is expected to be completed, the Authority will continue to be led by a strong team comprised of the remaining four Council members, who will continue to have the support of management and the wider organization.”

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