Technology · June 22, 2022

ACMA: Lycamobile hit with additional fine of more than $180,000

A telecom company has been hit with a massive fine for the second time for serious violations.

Lycamobile was hit with an additional fine of more than $180,000 after the telecom company failed to comply with orders based on previously identified public safety deficiencies.

Last year, Lycamobile paid a $604,800 fine and entered into a commitment with Australia’s Communications and Media Authority after failing to share customer details with the integrated public number database used by police and emergency services.

The ACMA also ordered Lycamobile to comply with customer identity rules after the company failed to conduct proper verifications when activating prepaid cellular services.

The company had to provide reports on how it would improve its system, staff training and the appointment of an independent auditor.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said a new investigation was launched after Lycamobile failed to take action.

“Lycamobile has continued to violate its commitments and commitments it has made to the ACMA,” she said.

“It has consistently missed deadlines, submitted inadequate reports, and when we have raised these issues on numerous occasions, it has made subsequent commitments which it then failed to deliver.”

Lycamobile was fined $186,480.

Ms O’Loughlin said breaches of obligations and failure to meet regulator obligations have been costly to the company.

“We will continue to monitor Lycamobile closely to ensure it is doing the right thing by its customers and the public,” she said.

If the company fails to meet its obligations again, ACMA can institute civil proceedings in federal court, where penalties of up to $250,000 can be imposed for each violation.

Originally released as the Lycamobile, it resulted in an additional penalty of more than $180,000