Don’t let debt haunt you

THE Christmas season commences in the Philippines with spooky costumes and candy treats. From Halloween to Christmas, it’s a season of enchanting change, where the chilly winds of the amihan monsoon ultimately give way to the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season. Halloween has now been widely celebrated in the country; it’s a time when people relish the thrill of things that go bump in the night. But there’s one fear that haunts the waking hours of many: debt. This Halloween, let’s transform financial frights into a path toward financial freedom with our “Don’t Let Debt Haunt You” guide.

Face your financial fears. Dealing with financial fears is a lot like venturing into a haunted house on Halloween night — yes, it is scary, but once you confront your fears, the journey becomes less terrifying. If you can face it head-on, you will have the courage to understand the source of your debt. Are credit card balances haunting you? Do expensive housing and property loans cast a long shadow over your finances? Understanding the source of your financial stressors allows you to craft a strategic plan for tackling them.