seed funding: IN-SPACe launches seed fund scheme for startups using space technology

The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) on Monday announced the launch of a seed fund scheme for start-ups operating in the area of urban development and disaster management by using space technology. As part of the scheme, selected start-ups will receive seed funding for transforming an original idea into a prototype using … Read more

Kelsey Grammer Tells BBC He Supports Trump And PR People Cut Interview, Host Says

At HuffPost, we believe that everyone needs high-quality journalism, but we understand that not everyone can afford to pay for expensive news subscriptions. That is why we are committed to providing deeply reported, carefully fact-checked news that is freely accessible to everyone. Our News, Politics and Culture teams invest time and care working on hard-hitting … Read more

Wonder Woman reportedly not live-service

EXCITEMENT over Monolith’s Wonder Woman game slightly dampened when tech website WCCFTech reported spotting a job listing at Monolith for the in-development game. This was because one of the job’s listed skills was helping maintain a live software product or game. This led to many people believing that Wonder Woman would feature a live-service aspect … Read more

Northern Lights will be visible as far south as NEWCASTLE tonight as a huge solar storm strikes Earth – here’s the best time to see the stunning aurora from your area

It’s something that features on many people’s bucket lists. And if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, make sure you have your eyes to the skies this evening. The stunning celestial display will be visible across large parts of the UK, following a coronal mass ejection. While the Northern Lights are usually only … Read more

crypto trading: Brazilian lender Itau launches crypto trading

Brazilian bank Itau Unibanco on Monday launched a cryptocurrency trading service for clients of its investment platform, making the nation’s largest lender the latest local player to enter the market for the digital asset’s exchange. Initially, Itau’s new service will allow trading of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, as well as ether, but the lender … Read more