AI-Powered Bartenders : ai bartender

Rather than seeking drink recommendations from bartenders, people can now get them from AI bartenders like BarGPT. To date, the bartender powered by artificial intelligence has virtually served up over 13,000 AI cocktails and it keeps tabs on which ones are the most liked by real people. Contenders for the top spot include The Bourbon Revival, a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini and the rum-based Blueberry Spice Smash.

“Ordering” a drink from the AI bartender starts by feeding it a descriptive prompt. While some users ask the AI bartender to spotlight certain flavors or spirits, others ask it to take inspiration from pop culture.

This way of creating imaginative, AI-generated cocktails has the potential to help drinkers refine their favorite concoctions or explore entirely new and enjoyable combinations tailored to their tastes.