AI-Powered Skincare Serums : All-In-One Personalized Serum

Proven Skincare is expanding its portfolio of skincare solutions created with AI technology by introducing the All-In-One Personalized Serum. This skincare product gleans from Proven’s Skin Genome Project and it features four to five ingredients that work together to address targeted concerns. According to the brand, the All-In-One Personalized Serum “combines the potency of three serums into one powerful solution.” This silky, fast-absorbing formula has the potential to address everything from digital pollution and stress to sensitivity with select ingredients.

Increasingly, beauty consumers are reaching for all-in-one serums to support a streamlined approach to skincare that addresses multiple skin concerns simultaneously and simplifies routines. With added enhancements from AI technology, Proven Skincare’s All-In-One Personalized Serum powerfully combines ingredients for optimal efficacy.