Camera-Mounted Boom Poles : boom pole

Chicago-based company Zacuto has launched the ‘MicroBOOM,’ an innovative boom pole that varies from competitors due to the fact that it offers the novel advantage of being mountable right to the camera, meaning that videographers can now shoot video and conduct interviews or collect audio simultaneously and without the help of a second person.

This particular boom pole is a carbon fiber telescoping pole that has an audio cable routed through it, and weighs in at only 170 grams. The ‘MicroBOOM’ works in conjunction with cameras that are fitted with NATO-type rails, although other cameras can also be utilized by way of using them with Zacuto’s adapter.

The ‘MicroBOOM’ is currently available for a price of $125 which is set to rise to $165 in the near future.

Image Credit: Zacuto