Compactly Versatile Laser Projectors : laser projector

PFU America has been on a roll when it comes to releasing new projector options lately, with the advent of the ‘PJ WUL5A50’ part of this movement, with this particular laser projector acting as a compact option that is well and truly designed to adapt to a variety of environments and contexts.

The ‘PJ WUL5A50’ is a compact laser projector that is clearly designed to be highly portable, which makes it ideal for smaller rooms and spaces. The projector is fitted with a multi-module light element that is capable of churning out 5,200 lumens, and generates premium WUXGA standard displays.

Available for a price of $2,600, the ‘PJ WUL5A50’ laser projector finds a deft balance between compactness, portability and image quality.

Image Credit: PFU America