Console Firmware Updates : ps5 firmware update

Sony announced and released a new PS5 firmware update for its flagship gaming console, the Playstation 5. While previous firmware updates have focused on general stability improvements, accessiblity features, and more, this update focuses primarily on improving the user experience through the DualSense controller.

Highlights of this update include updates to the volume and clarity of the speaker on the DualSense controller on the software side, improved noise cancellation for the microphone on the controller, and general stability improvements to the controller. These updates are centered around making it easier for users to use the DualSense controller as a primary microphone, even when playing games on speakers, as the improved noise cancellation and volume make it easier for communications to persist with ambient noise in the room.

Aside from improvements to the controller, this update also brings an update to the power indicator light on the console. This was a frequently requested feature that now allows users to adjust the intensity of the light on the console through the settings menu, which is great for removing distractions while playing in dark environments.

Image Credit: Sony