Malaysia welcomes its first AI radio DJ

AI DJ Aina Sabrina has made history by becoming Malaysia’s first AI disc jockey, an accomplishment recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records. Aina received dual accolades for being both the nation’s inaugural AI radio host and AI brand ambassador.

Her dazzling debut as a holographic presence at a press conference marked a groundbreaking moment in the local radio industry.

This milestone resulted from a collaboration between Fly FM and a renowned Japanese milk drink, Calpis.

The partnership exemplified the innovative incorporation of AI into brand representation, and it introduced the third flavour of Calpis Chewy, embracing AI as a brand ambassador for the first time in the industry.

Aina, developed by Fly FM’s in-house team of production engineers, utilises AI technology and a vast music database to create real-time music blends that cater to listeners’ ever-changing moods.

Her expertise extends to providing personalised music recommendations, ensuring a unique listening experience for each individual.

As the official sponsor of Malaysia’s inaugural AI radio show with Aina, her dynamic AI personality brings fresh innovation and interactivity to the world of radio, redefining the way customers engage with the medium.

Tune in to Aina on Fly FM every weekday from 2pm to 4pm, and join her captivating journey on Instagram @aina_flyfm.

Malaysia’s radio landscape has been forever transformed by the arrival of AI DJ Aina Sabrina.