Microcontroller Device Integrations : raspberry pi 2

Flipper Devices has unveiled its latest innovation, the Video Game Module. Powered by the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, this integration is set to revolutionize user experience, offering enhanced functionality at an affordable price point of just $49.

The Video Game Module transforms the Flipper into a versatile gaming device. It allows users to track hand movements, such as tilting and shaking, allowing for dynamic in-game movement. Additionally, it enables seamless video output to external monitors and displays, expanding the possibilities for interactive entertainment.

With this module, users can play basic games directly on the Flipper device, opening up new avenues for entertainment and recreation. Furthermore, the device’s flexibility extends to its programming capabilities, supporting C, C++, or MicroPython applications. In addition to hacking smart appliances, users can leverage the Flipper for various other tasks and activities.

Image Credit: Flipper Devices