Natural Hearing-Promoting Aids : smartRIC hearing aid

Widex recently introduced the SmartRIC hearing aid. The product stands out with its innovative L-shaped design aimed at enhancing natural hearing.

Widex’s SmartRIC hearing aid boasts improved microphone angles, which enable the device to provide up to 37 hours of usage on a single charge. By repositioning the microphones, SmartRIC optimizes directional focus and reduces background noise while enhancing speech clarity.

Widex’s new design allows wearers to engage more effectively in various listening environments, fostering a more connected and engaged lifestyle. Additionally, the device includes features like wind and touch noise reduction and a fast-charging case for added convenience. Built on Widex’s PureSound with ZeroDelay technology platform, the SmartRIC hearing aid aims to set new standards in the industry while improving and empowering consumers through experience.

Image Credit: Widex