Oh Deok’s arrival

IN a heartwarming Instagram post on Nov 19, Hwang Bo-ra revealed the joyous news of her first pregnancy. The actress announced the exciting news of expecting her first child, a precious gift bestowed upon her by fate exactly one year into her marriage.

In her heartfelt message, Bo-ra reflected on the blissful year she and her husband have spent together, filled with love, playful banter and an ever-deepening connection. Little did she anticipate that an even greater source of happiness awaited them.

Expressing a newfound depth of love, she conveyed the overwhelming sensation of wanting to give her all for the first time.

The impending arrival of her little angel, affectionately referred to as Oh Deok, has brought an unprecedented level of love and understanding, teaching her the profound nature of maternal love even before officially embracing motherhood.

This announcement marks a significant chapter in Bo-ra’s life, as she graciously welcomes the impending arrival of her bundle of joy.