Pioneering Secondhand Search Engines : Secondhand Search Engine

Beni, a pioneering secondhand search engine, is revolutionizing the resale marketplace with the introduction of its iOS App, and new features aimed at fostering the adoption of resale shopping. Backed by a female-founded and female-supported team, Beni consolidates an impressive 80% of online resale listings through partnerships with major platforms like Poshmark, Patagonia WornWear, ThredUp, and Treet. Since its first-to-market launch in 2021, Beni has expanded its network to include over 50 partners, offering users an unprecedented selection of secondhand goods.

The Beni App, alongside features like a mobile extension for Safari browser shopping, direct search capabilities, personalized alerts, a ‘save for later’ function, and a referral program, enhances the convenience and accessibility of finding secondhand treasures online.

Beni’s innovative approach and strategic collaborations are not just changing how people shop for secondhand items; they’re leading a sustainability-driven shift towards circular fashion, challenging the fast fashion industry’s impact one resale purchase at a time.