Self-Tracking VR Headset Accessories : HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker

The HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker is a new tracker developed for use with the brand’s standalone headsets in mind like the VIV XR Elite and the VIVE Focus 3. Compatible for use with SteamVR and OpenXR-based PC VR systems as well, the tracker prioritizes flexibility thanks to 3D spatial tracking that doesn’t require an external base station for use. The device is rated to provide impressive accuracy when it comes to location tracking and can be used in multiples of five to seamlessly monitor moves.

Global Head of Product Shen Ye spoke on the HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker saying, “VIVE Ultimate Tracker is about to make your XR sessions a lot more realistic and immersive, with super accurate full-body tracking – now for the first time on all-in-one devices. People have been asking for more robust and flexible tracking options, and we’re very excited to get these to our users and see them get creative and have fun!”