Seth Meyers Astounded By Trump’s ‘New Twist’ On An Old Rant

Seth Meyers on Thursday highlighted the “new twist” that Donald Trump is now putting on his rally rants about being indicted on dozens of felony charges.

The former president on Wednesday told supporters in Hialeah, Florida: “They indicted me. Can you believe? My father and mother are looking down. ‘Son, how did that happen? We’re so proud of you, son. How did that happen?’”

Meyers responded to Trump’s comments, saying, “Trump even makes dead people say nice things about him.”

The “Late Night” comedian then mimicked the ex-POTUS saying:

“The other day, a ghost came up to me, big ghost, dead ghost, see-through tears flowing down his spectral face and onto his jangly chains, and he said to me, ‘Sir ― I owe you an apology, sir. Me and all my dead friends in Pennsylvania voted for Joe Biden.’”

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here: