Small Space Robotic Vacuums : SwitchBot K10+

The SwitchBot K10+ mini robot vacuum is a smaller version of the brand’s signature living space robotics technology that’s sized to work well in a variety of homes. The robot is touted by the brand as being the smallest vacuum of its kind with an external dustbin and comes in at 50% smaller, while also being 90% more efficient. The intelligent vacuum offers wet and dry cleaning, and features an ultra-quiet motor to keep operational noise to 48dB.

The SwitchBot K10+ mini robot vacuum achieves suction ranging from 600Pa to 2,500Pa to seamlessly capture all debris it comes across, while LiDAR navigation uses precision mapping to scale any space. The robot vacuum sets itself apart from the competition by being able to easily clean any space and also shifting around obstacles to reduce the occurrence of errors.