TV Game Streaming Tools : boosteroid samsung

Samsung announced that it is adding support for the ‘Boosteroid’ game-streaming service directly into its Samsung Gaming Hub app for smart TVs. This prevents the need for users to seek alternative solutions, such as buying an Android box or streaming box to add to the already-capable smart TV.

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming service that allows users to play PC games on any device without downloading or updating them. Boosteroid offers access to hundreds of popular games from various genres and publishers, as well as features such as motion enhancements, latency reduction, and cross-play support.

Boosteroid and Samsung Gaming Hub are two innovative solutions that aim to provide gamers with more options and convenience. By partnering with Boosteroid, Samsung Gaming Hub will offer its users the ability to play PC games on their Samsung Smart TVs or monitors without requiring a dedicated gaming console or gaming PC. This increases the accessibility of high-fidelity gaming all around.

Image Credit: Samsung