Van-Compatible Bicycle Racks : bicycle rack

Giovanni Mazzhocchi and Paulo Briccolo Pontiggia, a pair of innovators and entrepreneurs based in Italy, have devised a unique bicycle rack that is designed to make it easier than ever to safely and reliably transport an secure bicycles in vans.

Aptly dubbed the ‘Slide&Go,’ this particular bicycle rack comprises a pair of wheel-mounted systems that can be situated on the floor of the van. The units are equipped with plates that can be slid into the van’s floor railing at which point they can safely be secured into place using bolts. Once the bike is secured into the bicycle rack, it will stay in place without moving around when the van is being driven, nor will it cause damage by getting detached.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter, this bicycle rack can be procured for a pledge of around $430.

Image Credit: Slide&Go