Water-Purifying Coffee Makers : Aqua Optima Aurora Coffee

The Aqua Optima Aurora Coffee countertop appliance is a multifunctional solution for the kitchen that’s perfect for combining a range of equipment for a unified user experience in the home.

The countertop appliance has a three-in-one functionality that works as a water purifier, coffee maker and kettle to make it a true powerhouse solution to keep in the home. The unit is powered by Strix technology that will deliver freshly prepared hit drinks in less than a minute and boasts seven temperature levels to choose from ranging from ambient to boiling. Users can also access seven on-demand volumes of hot water that has been filtered ranging from 200ml up to 1,000ml.

The Aqua Optima Aurora Coffee countertop appliance has a digital interface for intuitive use and is available now in the UK for £199.99.