Chiefs coach, Johnson’s big suggestion to spice up Soweto derby

‘Some people were asking me, am I shivering in my pants?’ says Johnson.

Having experienced the thrill of coaching in the iconic Soweto derby for the first time on Saturday, Kaizer Chiefs’ coach Cavin Johnson proposes an idea to intensify the atmosphere in South Africa’s premier football spectacle. 

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Although Johnson’s Chiefs suffered a 1-0 defeat to Orlando Pirates, with Evidence Makgopa securing the winning goal, the coach believes adjusting the seating arrangement could enhance the rivalry. 

Currently, supporters from both teams sit together in a rare display of unity, regardless of the match outcome. 

Johnson suggests that separating the supporters could inject more excitement into the Soweto derby, a unique fixture where fans usually coexist peacefully. 

Some have previously theorised that the friendly mingling of supporters might be contributing to the occasional lack of intensity and fierce competition in the performances of both teams during the derby.

“It was fantastic,” said Johnson of the experience. “Some people were asking me, am I shivering in my pants. 

“You should never be in football if you shiver for football, you should not be coaching. It was a nice feeling. 

Johnson calls for separation of Chiefs/Pirates fans

“I personally think it should be black and white one side, and white and yellow (black and gold) on the other side. And then we can see who has more (fans). 

“Who has more power, because right now you cannot,” said the former Al-Ahly assistant coach. 

Johnson also revealed that he was finding coaching the country’s most followed football clubside easier that he had anticipated.

“It’s something that I find very easy. I think the pressure comes from you guys (in the media). 

“Yes, the fans also. But that is because of what you write. I think it’s the pressure that comes from the fact that this team is big and has so many fans.

“There’s so many of them to please that people think it’s difficult to coach this team, no it’s not. 

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“It’s about the cloth that runs through this team that we need to respect. And sometimes, we don’t respect it.”