England’s idiocy exposed after Australia’s World Cup win following Ashes victory

Hey England, people don’t forget.

After we exposed the English hypocrisy during the Ashes, we’ve decided to pull out the receipts following the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

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And just in case you may have forgotten, the tournament was won by the Aussies which resulted in a record-extending sixth ODI title.

It completed a remarkable 2023 for the Aussies with the World Cup trophy joining the Ashes urn and the World Test Championship in the cabinet.

Just to really clear things up, England were knocked out of the World Cup after finishing in a lowly seventh spot with only three wins and six losses.

But let’s get back on track and return to what we’re all here for, to stick the boot into England.

First up is former England skipper Nasser Hussain.

The English icon delivered a truly bizarre excuse as to why the campaign completely fell apart for the Poms.

“It’s hard for England because of the timing of World Cups on the back of an Ashes series,” the former England captain said.

“There’s so much focus on the Ashes that come the end of it, you are mentally exhausted.”

Australia proved even further just how absurd those remarks were, either that or us Aussies are just built tougher.

The next receipt we’re pulling out of the draw is for Joe Root.

Root attempted to land a defining blow on the Aussies ahead of their World Cup clash, unfortunately it fell flat at the time and now it looks even sillier.

Here’s what Root had to say, also keep in mind these comments came when England were 1-5 and bottom of the World Cup table.

“Man for man, I’d have this team every day over the Australians. We might not have played as well as we can do, but we know when we play our best stuff, the best teams struggle to compete with us,” he said.

If it’s okay with you Joe, we’ll take the team that just won the World Cup. We’re more than happy for you to keep the team that lost the Ashes and barely landed a punch in India.

It’s not just current and former England players we’re putting in the gun, this time we turn our attention to the English faithful … better known as The Barmy Army.

Ahead of the World Cup getting underway, and while they were still licking their wounds from the Ashes, the passionate fan base decided to make a bold call.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, The Barmy Army account put fans across the globe on notice to put something in their calendar.

The post, to put it nicely, has aged like milk that’s been left out in the sun on a scorching hot day.

Lastly, this one isn’t really pulling out any receipts to throw back in England’s faces but we’re going to hit them with one last little jab.

The term “moral victory” rose to fruition throughout the Ashes when the Poms continually attempted to claim victory despite not actually winning anything.

It quickly became a joking term used by Aussie players and fans and it didn’t take long after the World Cup final for it to come flooding through on social media timelines.

AFL superstar Patrick Dangerfield got in on the act as he posted a gif of England keeper Jonny Bairstow clapping with the caption: “Congrats England on an incredible World Cup moral victory. You guys deserved it.”

With all that done and dusted, we’re off to go soak up yet another victory. Better luck next time, England.

Originally published as England’s World Cup idiocy exposed after Australia’s win