Jackson Warne’s tragic plea as he reveals what he misses most about Warnie, launches heart care campaign

Jackson Warne, the son of cricket legend Shane Warne, has opened up on what he misses most about his father.

It’s been nearly two years since the news of Warne’s death shocked the world after a heart attack while on holidays on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. He was 52.

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But his children Jackson, Brooke and Summer have launched a new initiative in their father’s name, launching The Shane Warne Legacy which aims to offer 23,000 free four-minute health tests before the end of 2023.

The aim for 2024 is 500,000, if not more.

“I can hear dad saying ‘c’mon mate, we can do more than that’,” Jackson told 9News.

“Dad always aimed big and always achieved his goal so hopefully we can reach a million because it is saving lives.”

It’s a test the trio believe could have saved their dad’s life.

“After I got the phone call about Dad, it was just a wake up call. I thought he was invincible, I looked at him as superman,” Jackson said.

“I’d do anything to have one more day with Dad.”

Jackson, who called Warnie his “best friend”, said what he missed most about his father was the “small things”.

“I miss just sitting in the passenger seat while he is driving the car,” he said.

“Everything we did, even if it was just the small things, it was just exciting and fun, like driving to Maccas or driving to the golf course if he was playing and I would just drive the golf buggy.

“He made the little things exciting.”

Jackson said he could still “feel him everywhere I go”, finding the number 23 wherever he goes.

“This is something I can really feel him being proud of because his legacy since March has been saving lives,” Jackson said.

In an emotional letter posted to the Herald Sun, Warne’s children revealed why they launched the campaign.

“We aim to reciprocate the love and guidance dad provided us throughout our lives by continuing the legacy he left behind,” they wrote.

“It’s our heartfelt commitment to sustain the legacy on his behalf.

“We believe if dad had taken one of these tests, he might still be with us today.

“We don’t want any family to endure the heartache we’ve faced and sadly, millions of others have faced, and dad wouldn’t want that either.”

Originally published as ‘I’d do anything to have one more day with Dad’: Jackson’s tragic Warnie plea