Tom Elliott slams Josh Daicos over AFL vs. Premier League dispute

A Melbourne radio host has taken aim at Collingwood premiership player Josh Daicos for his remarks comparing the conditions of professional athletes in the AFL compared to those in the English Premier League.

The 24-year-old told the Herald Sun that he was “quite flat” after seeing the world-class facilities of Premier League teams up close during a postseason trip to the UK.

“Going over to Europe and going to Tottenham, I saw the treatment they got, and I was quite flat about the treatment we get,” Daicos said.

“It’s quite amazing the disparity in wealth over there.

“They were telling me that when they are training, and obviously it’s quite cold when they play, they have heaters for the ground to make sure the ground is not frosted.

“So, we don’t get that sort of treatment.”

Tom Elliott, however, countered Daicos’ perspective, emphasising the inherent differences between the AFL and the EPL with three points.

“I’m not sure what planet certain AFL footballers think they live on,” Tom Elliott said on 3AW Drive.

“Josh Daicos’ appears to be bemoaning the fact that as an AFL footballer, he doesn’t make nearly the same sort of money that an English Premier League footballer or soccer player does.

“AFL, which grew out of the old VFL, is a provincial code of football.

“It is only played in this country, all right? That’s point one.

“Point 2. It is not even played all across Australia, in Queensland and New South Wales. It is very much the minority sport.

“Yes, it is growing in popularity, but it’s not nearly as popular as what rugby league is, all right?

“Point 3. We have salary capping over here, all right? Because we have a club structure, we can’t afford to just play whatever players demand.

“So we have salary capping, whereas EPL teams and American football teams are owned by billionaires.

“They will keep throwing money at the situation until they get the result they want, which is a Premiership.”

He also clarified that Daicos might not be aware that the average English Premier League player earns nearly $6 million, while the average AFL player’s salary is around $400,000 — a mere 7% of their EPL counterparts.

The 3AW host also emphasised the uniqueness of soccer as a global sport watched by billions worldwide, contrasting it with Australian rules football.

“As good as Australian rules football is, and I personally believe it is the best code of football in the world, it is not watched by billions of people around planet Earth.”

Originally published as Radio host slams Josh Daicos over AFL vs. Premier League comparison