Melbourne woman launches into wild rant over tram fare

Wild footage has captured the moment a woman ranted and swore at another commuter after a disagreement over whether she swiped her travel card on a Melbourne tram. In a video posted to Instagram account ‘browncardigan’ on Sunday, a woman dressed in all black is seen approaching a younger female who is seated quietly on … Read more

OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap interview with CNBC

Weeks before OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, the buzzy artificial intelligence company’s executive team devoted an entire meeting to debating one question: should they even release the tool?  “If you know Sam [Altman], he likes to cycle through topics at a high rate, so the fact that we spent this much time on one … Read more

Best video games of 2023: Venba to Super Mario Bros. Wonder

We still too often talk about video games as escapes — little playthings that are big business but often considered not as serious as their media peers. And yet in 2023 the most mature, poignant and thoughtful narratives I experienced were the interactive ones — whether they tackled major topics or were simply about the … Read more

A 12-year-old girl invents a life-saving fire detector

Imagine being able to prevent a fire from spreading and destroying your home, your belongings, and your loved ones. Now, imagine being able to receive a text message on your phone that alerts you of that unattended fire in your house, even when you are away. And what if you learned that the person who … Read more

China warns US after gesture ‘deliberately stirs up’ South China Sea tensions

China is on “high alert” as Beijing accuses the United States of “deliberately stirring up” tensions in the South China Sea, after a US warship travelled through a disputed zone. A military spokesman claimed the USS Gabrielle Giffords “illegally” entered waters in the Nansha region of China “without the apporval of the Chinese government”. The … Read more

Spotify to lay off 17% of employees, CEO Daniel Ek says

It comes after Spotify reported a 65 million euros ($70.7 million) profit in the third quarter, citing lower spend on marketing and personnel. Spotify raised prices of its subscription plans earlier this year and has been expanding into podcasts and audio books. The latest round of redundancies follows successive cuts at the firm, which like … Read more

BYD Seal to challenge Tesla Model 3

Chinese car maker BYD has launched the next stage of its campaign to unseat Tesla as the number one EV brand in Australia, delivering its first Seal sedan at a newly opened service facility in Mascot, Sydney. And the electric sedan’s first customer knows a thing or two about cars. Sydney Roosters chairman and car … Read more

Europe’s tallest volcano has erupted

Bursts of lava spewed from Sicily’s Mount Etna on Friday, December 1, as Europe’s tallest volcano erupted once more, creating a potential “fallout of ash” in the area, local officials said.