TikTok, Sarah Jade: Influencer reels from magpie attack

An Aussie influencer claims she is “traumatised” after being swooped by a magpie while out on a “hot girl walk” last week.

Capturing the incident on video, Sarah Jade, 24, said she was left feeling sick when a magpie swooped on her and pecked at her eye.

“This would be one of the most traumatic things to happen to me,” Ms Jade said in a video uploaded to TikTok.

“One, I am scared of birds. Two, it literally went in my eye.”

Played back in slow motion, and seen in still photos from the video, the magpie can be seen embedding its beak deep into Ms Jade’s eye socket.

She said she didn’t initially realise what the bird had done until she reviewed the footage shared to her near 200,000 followers on TikTok.

Magpies are known to be territorial during and following their mating season in spring, with male magpies often reported swooping on unsuspecting people between July and November.

It’s recommended people wear sunglasses and hats when they are walking around to protect themselves from an overzealous bird.

Magpies often target joggers, walkers and pets as they walk nearby nests, with cyclists not exempt from the occasional dive-bombing too.

Ms Jade said her eye was left red and irritated by the swoop, adding that she was worried it would become infected and require a trip to the hospital.

“I was spiralling hard last night because I was thinking … birds have so much bacteria and I was going to go to the hospital today if my eye was going to fall out of my face,” she said.

A week after the swoop, Ms Jade said the irritation and swelling around her eye lasted three days and she was now terrified of any bird as a result of the attack.

“Every time I see a bird, I’m very, very, very cautious … they literally terrify me,” she said.

Ms Jade said she had altered her “hot girl walks” and would not be going out without a hat and sunglasses in the future.

Originally published as ‘Traumatised’: Influencer captures the moment she is swooped by magpie