Armistice Day ceremonies held across the UK to remember WWI

The United Kingdom fell silent overnight to mark the anniversary of World War I with thousands of people taking part in Armistice Day ceremonies across the country to pay their respect to those who died in service of their country.

Wreaths were placed at memorials and people took their places and stood in silence at 11am across the country.

Among the names now on the National Memorial Wall are Corporal Matthew Farrar who died last May, leaving a wife and two young children.

“[We are] so honoured that his name’s there and it’s somewhere that we can come to pay our respects to everybody, but then also pay our respects to Matt as well,” Corporal Matthew Farrar’s widow Samantha Farrar said.

“They say that it takes a village and I think we’ve found out that we’ve definitely got a small city going on in our favour.”