Australians ‘quite happy to accept’ Labor’s stage three ‘broken promise’

Fitzpatrick and Co Advisory Special Counsel Bruce Hawker believes Labor’s “broken promise” on the stage three tax cuts is one which Australians were “quite happy to accept” because everyone will receive a tax cut out of it.

The Coalition has announced they will back Labor’s changes to the much-promised stage three tax cuts.

“You have broken promises, and you have broken promises … and this was one that the public were quite happy to accept because everybody – even the top bracket – got a tax break out of it,” Mr Hawker told Sky News Australia.

“If it had been a nasty broken promise, one which was going to deny people something, then, yes, we’d still be hearing about it right now.

“But because it was a well-timed and strategically planned tax break, it was well received.”