Bizarre video shows Barnaby Joyce swearing on phone on footpath

Barnaby Joyce’s wife has broken her silence after her husband was found lying on a footpath mumbling into his phone after dark in Canberra.

The former deputy prime minister has declared he is ashamed and “embarrassed” after video emerged where he appears slightly tired and emotional.

The shock incident involving Mr Joyce occurred close to an apartment he owns in Braddon where the mother of his children Vikki Campion was photographed five years ago while she was pregnant.

The bizarre footage, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, records the Nationals frontbencher lying on the footpath in Canberra late at night while mumbling “dead f**king c***” into his phone.

But his new wife Ms Campion, who confirmed he was on the phone with her at the time, said the harsh words were not directed at her.

“No I think he was calling himself one, he likes to self flagellate,” she told

Ms Campion said she was disappointed someone filmed the incident rather than render assistance.

“I’ve been with Barnaby when we have found a man in the same state on the street and rather than take a video and sell it to the media, he picked the guy up and took him home, we later found out there had been problems with his medication and if he hadn’t helped him back he could have been in a very bad situation,” she said.

“On another occasion he picked up a hospital patient who was walking around disoriented and took him back to the hospital.

“Both of them were Canberra residents who he went out of his way to help after a sitting. It’s disgusting that when he was in need they could not even check he was ok.”

Ms Campion said she had “no idea” he had hurt himself during the conversation and admitted she was half asleep when he rang.

She wasn’t sure if he was injured but observed like most farmers he never complained about injuries and if something was wrong they would probably only find out “if there was an MRI.”

Mr Joyce recently hit the headlines again after he described former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “sh*thead” in an ABC documentary.

The video was first obtained by Daily Mail Australia and captures Mr Joyce at 11.36pm on Wednesday night, the traditional evening where MPs get off work early to have dinner and hit the pub.

Witnesses claim the MP had been sitting on a large pot plant while chatting on the phone before he fell off and started swearing into the phone.

In the video that was recorded by a bystander, he is wearing the same blue and white tie worn during Question Time in Parliament House earlier that day.

Mr Joyce and the former Deputy Speaker Llew O’Brien were forced to stage a strategic retreat from a Canberra pub in Braddon three years ago after the pair said they were harassed by “Irish backpackers”.

Mr Joyce and his friend Mr O’Brien, a former Queensland cop, deny being thrown out of the pub.

However, the pair have revealed they were forced to make a swift exit before matters escalated with a group of “loud” Irish backpackers.

“No, no, it was certainly nothing to do with me,” Mr Joyce told

“Someone was being rude to Llew. What happened (was) there were Irish backpackers and they were being loud and I thought, ‘Let’s get out of here’.”

Originally published as Barnaby Joyce’s wife Vikki Campion explains bizarre video of Barnaby Joyce