Concerns as immigration detainees released following High Court decision

Sky News host Peta Credlin says there has to be way of being fair to foreigners who’ve committed serious crimes without giving them the “prize” of life in Australia – following last week’s High Court decision.

Further to last week’s High Court decision overturning a previous ruling of two decades’ standing, about 80 convicted foreigners have been released into the community.

Ms Credlin said there are serious criminals now at large in the community and on our streets, because the High Court – in a judgment with the rationale yet to be released – decided not to follow its previous precedent.

“I can appreciate the argument that it’s unfair to keep foreigners convicted of crimes here, in immigration detention indefinitely, after they’re out of jail – if their own country won’t take them back – because that effectively means life in imprisonment in Australia.

“But – and it’s a big but – why should we have to have them on our streets, after they’ve abused our hospitality in such a brutal way?”