‘Everyone’ wants a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas: Labor Minister

Labor Minister Anne Aly has reiterated concerns by Foreign Minister Penny Wong calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, saying she believes “everyone” wants to see an end to the war.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong told the ABC on Sunday that Israel should work towards a ceasefire with Hamas.

Ms Wong’s call for a ceasefire has been criticised by Jewish groups as Hamas is a terrorist organisation.

“The fact is that a ceasefire is actually a process of negotiation between two parties to see an end to a war,” Ms Aly told Sky News Australia.

“I think everyone wants to see a ceasefire; everyone wants to see an end to this war.

“I think the most immediate pressing issue is while working towards a ceasefire because currently neither party is willing to come to the table which is what a ceasefire requires … we need a humanitarian pause and Australia has called for a humanitarian pause.”