‘Spicy’: 81 per cent of shareholders vote against Harvey Norman remuneration report

Gerry Harvey admitted this week that strong Black Friday sales weren’t enough to arrest a slump in sales over the past five months. During the company’s annual general meeting 81 per cent of shareholders voted against Harvey Norman’s executive remuneration report. Harvey Norman’s Executive Chairman Gerry Harvey spoke with Sky News Business Reporter Edward Boyd … Read more

Israel army pushes into refugee-crowded south Gaza

“Words fail me to describe the horrors that are hitting children here,” said Unicef spokesperson James Elder. ADVERTISEMENT Israel’s military expanded its operation in the Gaza Strip on Monday, as the Palestinian death toll continues to climb.  The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) “operates wherever Hamas has strongholds,” army spokesperson Daniel Hagari said late Sunday evening. … Read more

Politics daily briefing: December 4

Daily politics briefing for December 4, as the public spending watchdog finds that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) equipment plan is “unaffordable”, with a budget “black hole” of almost £17 billion.

Federal Labor govt have the ‘perception of incompetence’ working against it

Headline Advisory Director Andrew Carswell says the federal Labor government has the “perception of incompetence” working against it. Mr Carswell told Sky News host Sharri Markson that the government “incompetently managed” the Voice to Parliament campaign. “Not necessarily the policy, putting that policy aside, but they were incompetent in the way that they campaigned for … Read more

Ukraine accuses Russia of shooting surrendering soldiers

Kyiv announced it was launching an investigation into allegations that Russian forces killed surrendering Ukrainian soldiers. ADVERTISEMENT It’s the latest accusation of war crimes laid at Russia’s feet.  On Sunday, Ukrainian officials announced they were investigating allegations that Russian forces had shot and killed unarmed and surrendering Ukrainian soldiers. If confirmed, this would be considered … Read more

‘Biggest corporate collapse’: Evergrande ‘most indebted property company’ in the world

Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says Evergrande Group is the “most indebted property company in the world”. Mr Greenwood says Evergrande has more than “$340 billion of debt”. “The biggest corporate collapse in Chinese history … what was expected to be its final court hearing before it slumped into liquidation was averted at the … Read more

Gina Rinehart purchases iconic Australian brand Driza-Bone after Andrew Forrest buys Akubra, RM Williams

Another iconic brand has been purchased by one of the country’s richest people after mining magnate Gina Rinehart snapped up Driza-Bone. It’s the latest purchase of a historic Australian brand by a billionaire after Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest and ex-wife Nichola purchased hat company Akubra in a deal worth millions of dollars in November. While it … Read more

Battle of Austerlitz reenactment draws record numbers of participants

Thousands flocked to Santon Hill for the annual reenactment of the Battle of Austerlitz. Commemorated every year, this year’s edition is the largest since 2015, using 1200 history enthusiasts from 15 different countries. ADVERTISEMENT Over 10,000 spectators braved the cold and snow near the village of Tvarožná in the Brno region of the Czech Republic to watch … Read more

Israel’s plans for a Gaza buffer zone could face pushback

As Israel launches a ground offensive in southern Gaza, Clive Jones, a Middle East regional security expert at Durham University, explains that Israel’s short term goal is very likely to be the establishment of a buffer zone around the Gaza Strip. But the strategy could face pushback from the Palestinians and from Israel’s international partners … Read more