‘Pretty clear’ Hamas used Al-Shifa Hospital for ‘military purposes’

ASPI’s Senior Analyst Malcolm Davis says it’s pretty clear Hamas was using Al-Shifa Hospital for military purposes, which violates the Geneva Convention.

Mr Davis’s remarks come after the IDF released a video showing clear evidence that a sophisticated Hamas tunnel network was discovered underneath Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital.

“It’s an extensive tunnel complex where the Hamas group have been using not only for moving around the battle space but for storing weapons and ammunition,” Mr Davis told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“That’s a direct violation of the Geneva Convention whereby you essentially use a civilian environment, particularly a hospital, to hide behind in terms of to undertake military operations.

“I think the evidence is pretty clear that Hamas were using this hospital for military purposes.

“The Israelis did exactly the right thing in terms of providing us with the evidence.”